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The Cage - Kaş, Antalya, TURKEY


As part of an EU project, young people from 6 countries came together in Kaş district of Antalya to work on animal rights. Young people carried out different activities and studies in a week-long project.

50 young people from Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Latvia and Poland came together in Kaş within the scope of the project called The Cage, which is an EU Erasmus Project. In the project, which coincided with the complete closure period, the young people worked on animal rights in the hotel they stayed for a week. Attorney Barış Baytok, President of the Zift Lifelong Learning and Education Association, which supports the project owner associations, gave training on animal rights in Turkey. Nuri Bilirgen was the instructor of the project and Esra Sarıca, the kindergarten teacher, was responsible for the project.


Students did not leave the hotel within the scope of Coronavirus measures. Baris Baytok, a lawyer who educates young people in the project, said; "There is an attempt to enact a new law on animal rights in our country. However, it has not been enacted yet. If this law is passed, violence against animals will be prevented. People who commit violence to animals will receive the punishment they deserve. Violence against animals is a crime with this law. Our wish is that this law comes out as soon as possible."

Project responsible teacher Esra Sarıca said, "All foreign and domestic participants had a Covid-19 test before the project. Our foreign participants also have tests on their way. In the project, the issue of animal rights, which is a bleeding wound, was discussed. Each group of participating countries provided information on animal rights laws and issues in their respective countries. Solution suggestions were discussed. The use of animals as guinea pigs in cosmetics, clothing and other industries, as well as medicine was discussed. The answer to the question 'How and adequately do animal problems take place in the press organizations of countries?' was discussed. In addition, a country was introduced by participating students every evening. It was a successful work. Young participants got to know each other and got together. They developed their foreign languages. All participants return to their country happily "

Project trainer Nuri Bilirgen said, "Unfortunately, our project coincided with the period of Covid-19 measures and full curfews. We could not organize environmental trips and cultural events. Despite this, we tried to introduce our country to the youth of foreign countries with cinevision and small activities. We had the happiness of bringing together the youth of 6 countries without any problems. "

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