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Non-Stop Running

Youth Exchange





Our project will be in Siirt , Turkey for a one week. Project will be about obesity and how to fight aganist to it. We are focusing on finding a change in dailylife, which is not that hard in kind of subject like obesity. Because it is not about nation or culture, we know that people are dying because of obesity all around the world. We tought if its worldwide problem, we can found better way to solve it in multi-cultural atmosphere. Project includes theory and practise part. Theory part will be about sickness caused by obesity and what kind of dangers it has. .Practise part will make moving hard for them by using t-shirts and other people's hands. They will see how body reacts to move when it has obesity. We believe practise part will make easy learning effects of obesity.The goal of program is giving experience to people with these disabilities. Activities includes running and trying to move with lots of clothes. We tried to make it funny and it may take their interest in high level. Our final goal is making after-progression part of this program, like making blog on internet and seeing their experiences in those areas. We would like to make them follow the blog after the project finished. It will be also resource for other projects and the people who forget things that they learned about obesity.


Child Protection

Youth Exchange

Şanlıurfa, TURKEY




Our project will be selected about rights and rights of children.This project emphasizes in terms of poor children.And then our aim is show them together.Participants will be 4 participants and 1 leader. Each person has got identity card to meet. This project will gather poor children.Participant was chosen different country and they will be 18 between 26 group of age. Then again ,at least one person who is lowest person will be chosen by our leader.After that we care about their specialty and being university pupils.Also we considered how can pull together .Project will be made on july 2014 before was decided east state.This is suitable for the purpose of our goal.Activities will be having answer and question,workshop,seminar, teamworks. Our work description is going to be help poor children and patterns of concentration.It provides awareness .Finally results will be reclaim by leaders.This project effects their mind in the long term.Benefits will teach by our participants.If appropriate,leaders will step in topics.Almost,effects will score by our leaders.At the end of the project may we have good time with children and public.Thing that we watch out widely to see over.In the mean time,the more knowledge,the more awareness.If we keep going project from within our mission,this project will improve prejudice someone in favor of fundamental rights and freedoms.By this way for achieve the aim,things that what we decided before,one more again it was though completely.


Health from Nature

Youth Exchange





Our project was planned to search about alternative medicine ways. Our participants are gonne be chosen as the representatives of alternative medicine Our activities are gonna be either fun or informative for participants. While we are using the learning methods, we are gonna use visual methods of teaching. At the end of our project, we will be gonna find effective and useful ways but the harmful methods that are used by people are gonna be appeared by us. So we want to find conscious ways for alternative medicine.


Safer Internet

Youth Exchange





Our Project Action 1.1 ( Youth Exchanges) will be considering . Our project group members, including the host country Turkey will consist of four partners . These countries Latvia,Italy Poland and Turkey will occur. Our project Nilüfer district of Bursa Municipality will take place at the fisherwoman and age restrictions for young people between the ages of 18-27 will cover us . One group leader from each country will participate in a total of 5 members . Group members will be selected with attention to gender equality . In Turkey , our group will consist of 3 women and 2 men . In Turkey and in different areas of each group member will be composed of people who read the same areas . Computers and technology teacher education students read chapter will cover part of preschool education student, a psychology student, a final year student studying radio and television we are with our project will take place . Other paying attention to these criteria when choosing our partners will be selected. Pre-school students in the department of teaching , psychology student, final year students studying radio and television , computer and technology teacher education section attention will be paid to the selected students . According to these criteria shall be paid to gender equality . Read the same section of the people should be taken that not all women or men . The project will last for 6 nights and 7 days . Our project will take place in the town Gölyazı. Our preliminary visit will take one day . Each of the partners group leaders gathered in Bursa a preliminary assessment on the issues and all the other partners will be transmitted in this way . We unconsciously project our children too much in the media would be a problem arising from delay . Children will be in direct contact with our partners we select people according to these criteria will be . Activities for children will be held in mind these deficiencies . Participating in activities with children will be a nice way to communicate . Activity of the child to have fun and to raise awareness in the face of problems will be targeted . Dissemination in children will themselves feel special . They are specially designed for both newspapers and attract their attention will aim to encourage children to read as well . Then a newspaper will be made to promote the children . This newspaper to all participants at the same time , all children will be distributed at school.


Dare to Begin

Youth Exchange

Antalya, TURKEY




The project will be in one of the most touristic places in Turkey is Antalya. Hence, there will provide great oppotunity to us for managing this project. Besides, Antalya's economic development has considerable dependency to local economies in the streets, especially during summer times in Antalya. So that is why will make the project about street economy, we will learn and teach what is economy and components of economy by looking from local aspects. Also thre will be chance for us that we can easily observe and analyze the lifestyles of youngsters and workers in the streets. For instance, if the youngsters are unemployed how they can survive, how they can find a good job, how much money can they earn .e.t.c. In doing so, by gathering information about local economy and lifestyles, it can be feasible to make some assumptions regarding how we may improve life conditions of workers in the street and may raise awereness of public people about that issue. To sum up, these subjects are our main topics. And also to destroy the racism and overcome prejudices and labels against people, there will be cultural exchange, friendship, group activities, brainstorming, blurring bounders between people.

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