Ancuta Elena Paraschiv


7 April 2021

I have been for the first time in a project in Turkey in Izmir, 3 years ago and since then I have attended many other projects in other countries as well that helped me develop communication skills and establish friendships all over Europe! I can only be thankful for having a first, but not last, absolutely amazing experience with these people, that are doing an amazing job.
Thank you! See you soon! <3

Hıdır Can Çelik


28 January 2021

I am very happy to join the ZİFT family. Thank you for taking me. Among them I have participated in 3 projects. So far very well managed and very good projects. I am sure that it is like this in all other projects.

Eva Melinda Meszaros


22 December 2020

I have participated in "First, Save the Life" in Kas, Antalya and "Look Closer" youth exchange in Hatay with Zift Organization. Both project was unforgettable experience, organized professionally; we had joy- and useful sessions, perfect balance between work and free time. Organizers, facilitators, supporting Turkish team always kind, focusing on the needs, happiness of the participants, they are helpful and polite in every situation! They also take care to introduce us the Turkish culture, to show us the historical and natural beauties of the region, and giving us new experiences (like diving:). I'm grateful for the time we had (no doubt, you are the best!), can't wait to participate in again! :)))))

Wiktor Wójcik


13 December 2020

I was on “Anxiety Ball” project in Izmir. It was my first project and I really liked it!! We had a lot classes about social phobia, Erasmus +, Youthpass, also we had to do some presentations about different topics. It was very helpful to understand everything. One day, we had a “Job interview”. We created a fake job and then we had an interviews. For me, that was amazing because it was my first job interview in english and next day I had another interview for ESC (European Solidarity Corps) in Armenia. Very long project in Alaverdi. Practising was very helpful because I wasn’t scared at all later and I could make a normal conversation. Zift organization rules!!! Thank you so much for that and thank you for 8 days together!! :)

Jeney Botond


28 October 2020

Zift organization is a very professional organization. I've been around 20 projects of theirs and also we did a project together, cooperated in Budapest. I can say, I never had any problem in their projects, or even if some problems occured,they solved it in the shortest time. Even though they are very professional in this Erasmus+ field, they are also very friendly, and always helpful. I can only reccomend to join their projects, or cooperate with Zift organization to implement projects.