Team Meeting

Zift Organization founded in 2009, under the leadership of two lawyers, by transforming the informal youth group into an association. In 2019, it got the name “Zift Lifelong Learning and Education Association”. Therefore, our organization, which previously supported many training activities, seminars and awareness projects as Zift Organization, has become official as a branch of Zift Organization. However, as a volunteer group, Zift Organization continues its activities together with and without the Zift Lifelong Learning and Education Association.


Before the establishment of the Zift Lifelong Learning and Education Association, Zift Organization had 95 informal youth groups and 4 university communities. The Zift Lifelong Learning and Education Association, which is among these joint groups, continues its activities under the group of Zift Organization. Zift Organization and Association has supported institutions, organizations and individuals interested in youth projects by providing training on project writing, project implementation process and reporting phases of youth projects. Zift Organization supported these communities interested in youth projects by providing training on project writing. Currently, we have 275 active and approximately 500 passive members in 7 different cities and universities.


Our organization that guides the communities studying with us, supported its communities regarding Erasmus Plus projects about education, health, human rights, women's and children's rights, refugee rights, culture and arts, environment, society and entrepreneurship, youth camps, personal development training and social awareness seminars.


Our association aims to create the formation of a society that adopts lifelong learning and self-renewal as a principle, sensitive to culture and art, benefactor, respecting human rights and combining theory and practice, and the association aims to serve the information society equipped with these qualities.


Our association; is loyal to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's principles and reforms, works according to founding purposes of the Republic of Turkey, secular, democratic, and productive. However, our association continues its activities in order to contribute to the formation of a society awareness that is sensitive to the problems of our country and the world and produces solutions for these problems.


Basic Values of Association;

  • Continuous improvement,

  • Reliance,

  • Sustainability,

  • Accountability,

  • Political objectivity,

  • Collaboration,

  • Improvement of our nation,

  • Improvement of the world's nations.

Our vision is to support the active participation of everyone in the lifelong learning process in order to transform the society into a knowledge dynamic and to become a leading international voluntary organization that has achieved perfection.


Our mission is to serve with honesty, equality and loyalty in a manner that respects both humanity and society, to comply with the laws, economic and moral principles and values in all our training courses and projects.


Our general goal is to work on determining the education and learning needs of the society within the perspective of lifelong learning, to ensure all individuals especially young people to benefit from all opportunities,  to complete basic education, to raise personal development and awareness, to support the necessary knowledge and skill acquisition required by the age, to develop and implement training programs for professional acquisition in order to improve their cultural skills and gain economic skills.


Apart from our foundation objectives, another goals that will support our development are as follows;

1. Conducting scientific research within the scope of Lifelong Learning and encouraging young people in this direction,

2. Conducting professional needs determination studies for the education and learning needs of young people, children and women,

3. To develop training programs and awareness projects suitable for education and learning needs within the scope of these studies,

4. To carry out activities that protect the rights and freedoms of refugees, disadvantaged groups, women, unemployed individuals, disabled people and children,

5. Preparing, managing and being partner of projects based on education, entrepreneurship, employment and unemployment, human rights and freedoms, environmental awareness and social awareness published on international and national platforms.

6. To support the development of youth work and non-formal education opportunities with sustainable studies,

7. To direct young people to "green behavior", to ensure people to be included in environmental-themed projects,

8. To support cooperation and communication between youth groups living in different countries and cultures,

9. Act with the principle of social inclusion in combating prejudiced attitudes.


To sum up; the basic principle of Zift Lifelong Learning and Education Association is to prepare projects that will benefit the national and international society, to implement these projects, to provide trainings on this subject, to work on youth and to cooperate with people and organizations that create social awareness and to do these activities with volunteer individuals who work entirely on a voluntary basis.