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Irs - Gənclərin Maarifləndirmə və Təbliğat Mərkəzi

Heritage - Youth Education and Promotion Center


Heritage-Youth Education and Promotion Center was founded by a group of young people as a non-political, non-profit, non-governmental organization in the city of Baku in 2017. We aim to promote cultural heritage as a link between past, present and future as well as supports the development of culture and heritage in rural communities facing limited opportunities. Organization encourages young people to undertake concrete actions and to play an active role in the protection, preservation and promotion of World Heritage. HYEPC initiative projects that strengthen local, regional, and European identity through common cultural initiatives.

Heritage-Youth Education and Promotion Center aims to:

* To protect intangible, tangible cultural heritage and support cultural diversity through exhibitions, educational workshops, conferences and volunteer activism

* To raise awareness among young people, volunteers, local communities, and concerned authorities of the need to protect and promote World Heritage;

* To ensure the protection and development of cultural heritage and to exercise non-state control over the protection of cultural heritage;

* To protect Azerbaijan’s interests through held events, conducted analyses and analytical papers both inside and outside Azerbaijan.

The following are being done to achieve these:

* Strengthen sustainable cooperation between non-profit organisations, local communities and authorities;

* Holding meetings with local and international experts;

* Increasing scientific knowledge through interactive methods;

* Support youth initative in the relevant field

* Usage of library


IDEAL Future Youth Public Union


“IDEAL” Future Youth Public Union (IF) is a national NGO working towards building better civil society. The organization is located in Absheron region in Baku. The process to establish “IF” began at the end of 2009. “IF” was registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan in August 2012. The main purpose of “IF” is to enlightenment of people, especially youth on the social, scientific-cultural, legal spheres, to development thinking and to strengthen them role in the civil society building. Since 2009 “IF” members participating in European projects very actively.

“IF” works mainly with youth between 18-30 and every year approximately sent 70 young people to the European events, especially under Erasmus+ program. “IF” cooperate with hundreds European NGOs and in Azerbaijan it’s has approximately 4000 active local network member.

Gənclərin Töhfəsi İctimai Birliyi

Youth Contribution Public Union


Youth Contribution Public Union was founded by a group of young people as a non-political, non-profit, non-governmental organization in Baku in 2009.

We work to achieve sustainable development through education, healthy lifestyle and active citizenship in Azerbaijan. The organization’s target group is mainly youth between 16 to 30 years old, regardless of their educational, cultural, ethnic background and its activities are always based on the needs and interest of them and the society.

Our aim is to inspire local communities to be active in different spheres in order to acquire internal growth and integrate into society. YCPU play an important role in promoting diversity and inclusion, targeting the most disadvantaged groups, such as persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples, youth, migrants and refugees, vulnerable women and girls, and the elderly. We strengthen and increase the voluntary work and charity on different sphere. One of our main priorities is to increase environmental awareness and responsibility, to promote the concept of waste sorting and recycling among the young people. We encourage intercultural dialogue with the objective of fostering mutual understanding and respect between individuals from different cultures, building the awareness of the intercultural enrichment achieved through the sharing of values, traditions.

Youth Contribution Public Union aims to:
• To Develop a Global Partnership for Development
• To Raise awareness on Healthy Lifestyle
• To Promote non-formal learning, voluntarism, active citizenship for the Creation of a Better Future
• To Strengthen cooperation bridges between Azerbaijan and partner countries
• To Get proper understanding and promotion of European values
• To Promote voluntary work and charity campaigns
• To Collaborate with other local and international organisations

Ангели пазители на света

Guardian Angels of the World


Association “Guardian Angels of the World” is a non-profit organization which has a wide range of activities related to the youth work, education and culture. Partners of ours are many schools and NGOs in Bulgaria.
We have the aim of involving young people in the non-formal educational process, promote intercultural dialogue, volunteering, outdoor and other activities. We aim to foster young people’s will to express their opinion on themes, relevant to the European citizenship, how to solve problems in a non-conflict way and develop a sense of tolerance and understanding of diversity.
These goals are realized by a number of specific activities provided by our organization, such as seminars, courses, conferences, summer and winter trainings and realization of youth activities on local and national level on topics like European citizenship, employment and entrepreneurship, volunteering, Human rights, etc. These activities are designed both for pedagogues who would like to integrate non-formal educational methods in the classroom, and for young people who are motivated to learn more on these subjects and to be an active part of society.
We work with youngsters from different age groups, for whom we organise activities in the frame of "European clubs" at schools that that take place in their free time and have the aim to inform young people about important issues related to Europe, the EU, different countries in Europe and their culture, to encourage them to develop initiatives on European level.
An annual event that we organize is “The Festival of Bulgarian Education” – a place where every young person can find out information about Bulgarian and European education and employment opportunities in an interactive and interesting way, and participate in discussions, seminars and round tables on themes chosen by young people. Different sports, art, musical, fashion workshops, theatre performances and other events organized by young people help them to achieve many competences according to non-formal educational methods.
We organize a number of activities in cooperation with other NGOs in Bulgaria and abroad, with local authorities and schools. We also successfully organized a youth exchange in Bulgaria on the topic of youth unemployment and active citizenship.
Our organization is open to contacts and partners of any country who are motivated to work in the field of Youth projects and activities.
Many of the members and volunteers from our organization have taken part in international youth projects, both as participants and as organizers.

Фондация „Звезден старт на таланти”

The Starry Start of Talents Foundation


The Starry Start of Talents Foundation was registered on 8 May 2003 by Sofia City Court, Bulgaria.

The foundation deals with young people to help them develop their musical and dancing talents and tries to encourage them to develop their own skills , giving them opportunities to engage in useful activities. We organise symposiums, seminars, conferences, round tables in the field of culture , as well as music competitions and festivals in the country and abroad. We educate young talented people and organise public events for them. We do charity activities aimed at assisting young people who need financial and other support. The foundation organise children and youth art festivals “Starry moment” which take place in the National Palace of Culture, and also many concerts together with the National agency for child protection, National agency of youth and sport, Ministry of culture, Ministry of education and science, with the Sofia municipality.

Participation in European Voluntary Service (EVS) projects helps to achieve one of the main goals of establishing the Starry Start of Talents Foundation, namely, the development and promotion of volunteering among the young people in Bulgaria. It furthers the understanding of the importance of voluntary work itself, as well as the realization of the fact that volunteering is a type of informal learning and gaining of practical skills and experience. The European Voluntary Service contributes to the personal and the professional development of young people. It broadens the understanding and enhances the perception of belonging to the European community, as well as the feelings of equality between persons regardless of their religion, race and social background.

Our organization, in partnership with Youth Media Group, created STARTtv - /online televison/ which commences in the beginning of May 2020. It has all the licenses issued in conformity with the Bulgarian legislation.

According to the Law on Radio and Television STARTtv has a polythematic character / 60% music and 40% programmes, films, etc/. At this stage StartTV is going to broadcast 6 hours a day, however, the tendency is to broadcast for 12 or even 24 hours in a few months.

Our concept is to establish virtual studios in different countries aiming to reflect the life and initiatives of young people in these countries. A TV host is going to contact young people on Zoom or another online platform in order to interview them on topics and questions preliminarily prepared. These interviews are recorded and then send to the headquarter in Bulgaria for technical editing. Consequently, these files are brodcasted. These programmes are available all over the world.

With STARTtv mainly deal:Grisha Petkov, Tsonche Semerdjieva, Daniela Alexandrova and Victoria Kulinska

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