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Apartment Attendants Awareness Study - Ankara, TURKEY

Young people came together to draw attention to the problems experienced by apartment attendants

A total of 48 young people from Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Azerbaijan and Turkey came together for awareness studies on apartment attendants within the scope of the Erasmus Plus Youth Exchange Program, which was supported and approved by the Presidency of the European Union Youth Center Turkish National Agency. Young people coming to Ankara from 6 different countries will participate in cluster studies, presentations, debates, short cinemas, theater and cultural studies about the problems experienced by apartment attendants in social life.


The project, which started on April 18, 2021, will end on April 26, 2021, and young people between the ages of 18-30 will return to their countries. During the activities, while the training activities are carried out under the residential ownership of the Konut-Sen union and the Zift Lifelong Learning and Education Association, measures will be taken against coronavirus and information about the Covid-19 disease will be given to the participants.


Zift Association General Project Coordinator Nuri Bilirgen, who stated that the participants will stay in Ankara until April 26, stated that during the activities, the participants pay attention to the mask, disinfectant and social range rules as much as possible in order to protect themselves within the framework of coronavirus measures, and that they determined the plans of the activities accordingly.

Zift Association Leader Lawyer Barış Baytok stated that the families and children of the apartment attendants who are members of Konut-Sen can also participate in projects abroad by taking advantage of the Erasmus Plus program, they are working in cooperation with the Zift Association in this sense. It was stated that the necessary arrangements were made for the participants to reach their residences safely after all the activities were completed.

48 foreign young people participating in horse riding trekking and various outdoor activities with the reinforcements of the horse farm named Hara Ankara, watching the film of the King of Doormen of Kemal Sunal, one of the greatest comedians of Turkey and who is in direct contact with the project topic, in English under the sponsorship of Hara Ankara and Zift Education Association and they continued their awareness-raising activities about apartment attendants.

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