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Door of Hope; Saving Abandoned Children - Kaş, Antalya, TURKEY

European Young People Are In Antalya To Raise Awareness About Abandoned Children

51 young people from Czechia, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Macedonia and Turkey successfully carried out the Door of Hope; Saving Abandoned Children, Erasmus + Program Project, which was accepted by the Czech National Agency.

The young participants, who came together at the “Club Barbarossa Hotel & Villas” in Kaş district of Antalya between April 28 and May 4, carried out team works, presentations, short film studies, discussion activities, dissemination activities in order to raise awareness about abandoned children. They had the opportunity to get to know different cultures closely with the cultural events organized.

Veronika WRÓBELOVÁ, the head of the Czech organization Youthist Off Havirov, stated that the project was planned to be carried out in Czechia, but they decided that it would be healthier to carry out the activities in Turkey due to pandemic conditions. She thanked Shaft Organization President Attorney Ertan Derin for enabling the implementation of the project in Kaş and Czech National Agency for their support during the whole project process.

Nuri Bilirgen, one of the Project Managers, stated that all participants had a PCR test before and after the program, and that all activities were carried out in accordance with the mask and social distance rules within the scope of Covid-19 measures.

Portuguese Andreia Teixeira, one of the Project Implementers, stated that the project was carried out successfully and that positive awareness was created against abandoned children in all participants, and thanked everyone who contributed to the implementation of the project.

Attorney Barış Baytok, the President of Zift Lifelong Learning and Education Association, stated that, as the association, they support all institutions and organizations in need within the scope of the Erasmus + Program. He stated that they are working to spread such events more and to include more young people from our country in the program. In order to carry out the next phases of the project, which ended on May 4, 2021, the participants, who signaled that they will continue their cooperation between countries by applying for another project on May 11, left Kaş district with good memories.

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