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Our First Project "Green Europe" which we implemented in July 2009

We realized our project in Çınarcık district of Yalova. Our project was carried out in 8 days between 17th-24th July 2009. In our project, we aim to ensure that young people are trained on the necessity of forests, planting times and planting techniques, to make them realize how useful they can be to the future thanks to a tree they planted, to give young people the pleasure of living together and being useful, and activities such as a poster contest to be held in mixed groups. We aimed to make it possible to communicate with people, to do business together, to overcome difficulties with group cooperation. We aimed to provide sharing among different countries about the protection and afforestation techniques they make in their own countries. We realized our project with the participants from Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. A total of 23 people, including 21 participants and 2 experts, took part in our project. Seminars, nature walk, poster competition, visit to Karaca Arboretum Living Tree Museum and tree planting activities were carried out in our project.

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