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In 2010 we had our 3rd project called "Enlighten The World With Art"

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Our 1.1 Youth Exchange project will be realized in Yozgat/Turkey. It’s period is 7 days and our partners are Lithuania, Poland, Hungary and Italy. This Project will be held by the youngsters and young leaders coming from these countries. We will work on one of the traditional turkish handcrafts, marbling, carpet weaving and artistic industry. The basic informations about traditional turkish art will be given to the countries came with this project. So that, they can compare and contrast their culture with the turkish art. Art is like a fellow and one art makes the other brighter, says Voltaire. Thanks to this project, we aim to enlighten the art and make our participant eager to learn the other countries culture. Therefore; the dialog between cultures will improve and the importance of peace makes sense in the world. Our subject will be that to produce new art literature by using people's creativenesses about culture and art, to see the other cultures from different angles, to grow youngsters who are improves as the social. Moreover by realizing these aims we will use non-formal education systems and methods. We hope that at the end of the Project, all the participants will have somethings which are taught to their members and people.

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