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0090 542 393 93 90

He graduated from Çanakkale 18 Mart University, Faculty of Education, Department of English Language Teaching. After working as an English teacher under the Ministry of National Education for a certain period of time, he graduated from the Faculty of Law and resigned from his teaching position. He is still working as a lawyer in Ankara.

He was a founding member and the leader of the Çanakkale 18 Mart University Peace Scout Community at Çanakkale 18 Mart University for 5 years. He helped the development of scouting in Çanakkale province, along with other leaders, by contributing to the training of numerous scout leaders.

Throughout his teaching life, he tried to improve his individual abilities by attending seminars on classroom domination, computer-aided teaching techniques, development of persuasion skills, and educational methods and techniques.

During his scouting period, he organized many tree planting and environmental cleaning activities to increase environmental awareness of the community members. He encouraged all community members to donate blood to the Red Crescent every year.

He has attended to and helped organize the celebrations for Clean Sea Day on July 1st each year.
He helped organize and traditionalize the 57th Regiment March, which is held every year in Çanakkale and is very important for Turkish history. He worked as a table tennis referee during his teaching years. In highschool, he was a licenced athlete in the branch of volleyball.

98 school principals were trained on KA1 projects by our key personnel Barış Baytok through the Sakarya-Serdivan National Education Directorate. In this training, the achievements of Erasmus Plus for young people were mentioned.

On May 11, 2016, 57 students were given KA1 project writing training by Barış Baytok at Bilkent University.

Barış Baytok, provided training to a student community on ""Erasmus, Sustainable Activities and Volunteering Studies"" at Osmangazi University.

Several youth and project writing camps were organized between 2013-2015 in the leadership of Barış Baytok. These camps are as follows in terms of their dates and locations:
22/27 August 2013-Kuşadası, Aydın, TURKEY–Number of Participants: 30
31 Jan/ 6 Feb 2014 - İzmir, TURKEY - Number of Participants: 26
3/8 August 2014 - Kuşadası, Aydın, TURKEY - Number of Participants: 28
9/14 August 2014 - Kuşadası, Aydın, TURKEY -Number of Participants: 32
5/9 Feb2015 - Pamukkale, Denizli, TURKEY - Number of Participants: 28

Personal development seminars:
Scouting and Guiding Federation Leadership Training
Computer aided education certificate from Sakarya National Education Directorate
National Education Directorate Chess Instructor Certificate
Professional Development Seminars:
Ankara Bar Association Code of Criminal Procedure Foreigners List Practices training
Ankara Bar Association AVSA Law and Internship Academy Certificate of Concordat Commissioner
Union of Turkish Bar Associations Vocational Training Seminar on Code of Criminal Procedure
Ankara Bar Association AVSA Law and Internship Academy Legal Assistance Education




0090 505 310 16 39

He graduated from 18 Mart University, Faculty of Education, Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technologies.

He worked as an Information Technologies teacher for the Ministry of Education for a period of time and afterwards, resigned from this position. He continued his education in the Faculty of Law and graduated from here. He is currently working as a lawyer in Kuşadası.

He has been the leader of Çanakkale University Peace Scout Community for 4 years. He helped improve the scouting in Çanakkale by raising and educating many scouts.

Throughout his educational career, he always worked towards improving his individual capabilities by attending seminars especially on information technologies, computed aided teaching methods, classroom domination, and techniques and methods of learning and teaching.

In his scouting days, he has tried to increase the awareness level of his community members by organizing many tree planting and environmental cleaning activities. He directed and encouraged all community members to donate blood to the Red Crescent every year.

He is also interested in sports. While continuing his career as a teacher, he has worked as a weightlifting referee and has reached the status of National Referee.

Also, he managed 144 projects in Turkey and participated in more than 50 projects abroad since 2009.

In personal development field:
*Turkey Scouting Federation leadership training
*Weightlifting Referee Training
*Weightlifting National Referee Training
*Turkish Aeronautical Association Free Flight Guide Teacher

In professional development field:
*Turkey Union of Bar Associations of the CCP on Vocational Education Training Seminar
*Intel Tutor Program



General Coordinator

0090 542 218 16 05

He completed his high school education in Istanbul Vefa High School. Afterwards, he studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Osnabrück (Hochschule Osnabrück) in Germany. He still continues his education in the Department of German Language Teaching at Istanbul University.

He lived abroad for many years due to his university education and later his working life. During his student years abroad, he mentored foreign students and took part in orientation studies. He worked in the student council for 2 years. Our key staff will support the participants who are foreign to each other and the project city in the process of getting used to the projects.

He has certificates of C1 level in German and B2 level in English. Knowing two foreign languages will support the coordination of the participants in projects, solving problems, and supporting in social relations.

He contributed to his personal development by taking part in International Social Responsibility projects. In order to create the awareness required in Erasmus Plus projects that prioritize social responsibility, the experience of our key staff in this field will positively affect the project process.

He played table tennis professionally in Germany 3rd League between 2008-2010 years.

He has managed over 100 Erasmus Plus KA1 projects and worked as a trainer in Turkey and abroad. He coordinated these projects and managed the training contents.

Germany – Braunschweig Fire department: Emergency response Certificate
Germany – Osnabrück University: First Aid Certificate
Catia 3D and Solid Works drawing programs certificates
Youthpass certificates obtained from over 100 Erasmus+ projects that he participated in and managed



Web Design / Penetration Tester

0090 539 922 04 90

He was born on September 21, 1994 in Bursa. He has always been interested in computers since he was a child. To complete this interest with a formal degree, he studied at the Information Systems Engineering department in Mugla University. After long studies on IT sector, he realised that he is really interested in the field of Cyber Security and he has improved himself on this particular field. Currently, he works at a Cyber Security firm in the position of Penetration Tester.


Fatma Rüveyda TÜYSÜZ

General Coordinator

0090 534 646 52 63

She graduated from Gazi University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration in 2018. While studying, she joined the internship programme in a corporate firm on production planning and the use of ERP programme. She also improved her command of the Microsoft programmes in her internship. After graduating, she worked in a private firm for 2 months as an educational consultant.

She currently works as a project coordinator and secretary general in Zift Organization. She is experienced in preparing the projects that are written accordingly with the Erasmus Plus programme activity types, managing the project process and establishing partnerships for the projects.


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