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You can find below how you can add your tickets to the system. 

This system open until 1 (one) week after your project.

So please don’t forget to upload all your tickets, boarding passes, Passport/ID to the system before 




You will give your original tickets and boarding passes etc… in the project that’s why don’t forget to get clear photo of everything you have before give them to the leader.

1. First you should be member (Sign Up) of

2. After you Sign Up, you will see “My Reimbursement Request
under your member area (Up-Right  Corner).

Click this and go to “My Reimbursement Request” page.​


3. On “My Reimbursement Request” page you will see ”Add New Request”.

You should click + to add a new reimbursement request.

4. You will see this page to create a new reimbursement request.

5. You should be so careful about those things when you are filling the form.


  • Ticket purchase date is the date which you bought your ticket. It is important because system will calculate exchange rate according to this date.

  • Price : When you wrote price, you should use DOT ( . ) please don’t use COMMA ( , )

  • It must be like XXXX.XX not like XXXX,XX
    Example : 100.55 is true 100,55 is wrong.
    Example : 1224.50 is ture 1224,50 is wrong.

  • Currency : Choose the currency on your tickets. System will calculate and exchange it to EURO and write “Price in EURO” automatically.

  • Ticket / Boarding Pass Picture : You should upload picture of your tickets, boarding passes etc…
    * It must be picture JPG, PNG ….
    * If it is PDF please covert it first with from pdf to jpg.

  • Flight Ticket and Boarding Pass are different things.
    * For the flight tickets please add tickets with your name, price and route on it.
    * For the boarding pass please add boarding pass with your name, seat number and route on it.

  • Passport / ID Card:
    When you upload your Pasport/ID Card
    - If you used Passport you should upload your passport 1st page with your ID information + the stamp page which you get stamp on border
    - If you don't use passport you can upload your ID card both side.
    - To Way: write "Passport or ID"
    - To Vehicle: choose "Passport / ID"
    - To Price: write 0 (zero)

6. After you finish the form click “Submit” and wait.

You will redirect to the “My Reimbursement Request” page
and you will see your last ticket which you added.

7. Now you can add your next ticket.

Here you can find video about
how you can use the reimbursement system.

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