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Anxiety Ball - İzmir, TURKEY

Young People Discussing Anxiety Disorder in Izmir

Studies that started on December 1, 2020 within the scope of the "Anxiety Ball" project in Izmir, end on December 8, 2020. In the project supported by the Presidency of the European Union Center, young people both discuss the effects of social phobias on human health and communication between people and provide information to young people from İzmir about Erasmus Plus Youth Projects.

Total of 30 young people coming from Turkey, Poland, Romania and Portugal discuss the negative effects of social phobias on human health. Young people who think that Erasmus Plus Youth programs create an important social interaction environment for people with social phobia have created this project based on the experts' suggestions of "Go over your concerns and increase your social interactions" and are now carrying out this project in Izmir.

The project, carried out by the Psycho-Social Support Platform and supported by the Zift Lifelong Learning and Education Association, started on December 1, 2020 in Izmir. With the project carried out and supported by Başak TEKYAZMAN, project leader Nuri BİLİRGEN and Portuguese leader Andreia TEIXEIRA, the legal representative of the project, which will be finalized on December 8, 2020, young people are trying to spread the awareness that social phobias are a psychological problem. They also state that the problems caused by phobias can be solved by using medication and therapy methods.

During the project process, young people aim to raise awareness of the people of İzmir by drawing attention to the issue of social phobia and by talking about Erasmus Plus Youth Projects. According to the information received from the project coordinators, they aim to raise awareness about what social phobia is, to raise awareness about the causes and symptoms of social phobia and the methods of combating social phobia, to raise awareness about the problems experienced by individuals with social phobia in their work life, education, social and emotional relationships and to make people know about their psychological reasons and to create a healthy social structure.

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